MRFF vs USAF regarding “Jesus Loves Nukes”

From the pages of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation (MRFF) August 2011 Newsletter

Message from the MRFF President; Mikey Weinstein.

“Servicemen and servicewomen of all ranks have for decades been exposed to a hideously distorted brand of militarist religiosity known as “Christian Just War Theory,” and while this fact has come as a shock for many, we at MRFF have long been aware of the presence of this Crusader ideology within the US military. Such being the case, we have sworn our lives toward protecting our service members from religious indoctrination — especially with regard to the supposed “divine ethics” of nuclear warfare. The people of the United States owe a debt of gratitude to the 31 brave missile launch officers from Vandenberg Air Force Base who stepped forward to alert us to the existence of a presentation which some of them had for years referred to as the “Jesus Loves Nukes” speech (a phrase which has since gone viral).

Our role in bringing attention to this shocking and repugnant curriculum has been greeted with praise from such diverse sources as the award-winning religious magazine “U.S. Catholic” and the “Baptist Joint Committee for Religious Liberty”, as well as front-page coverage from the respected Japanese daily newspaper “Asahi Shimbun”(a week prior to their marking the August 6th & 9th anniversaries of the nuclear bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, respectively). However, the usual rogues’ gallery of neo-conservatives, pseudo-religious fascists, bible-thumping Dominionists, and dull-witted neo-Nazis have taken exception to this latest achievement in our exhaustive struggle to rid the armed services of the rank influence of superstitious extremism and have been concentrating their fire on us in a manner which speaks volumes about their basic qualities as human beings, let alone as professed “men and women of God.”

Sometimes, however, we have to call a spade a spade and sound the BS detector. Case in point: Michael Savage (actual name: Michael Weiner) of The Savage Nationshlock-jock radio show, who recently devoted four minutes to a rabidly ad-hominem, personal assault on me and my family, as well as a denigration of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation. Much of the attention of Savage’s stupefying rant was paid to mocking my name — a name not too dissimilar to his own real name of Michael Weiner! — which should serve as a particularly revealing clue as to the psychological state of this specimen, a professional bottom-feeding hyena who earns his daily bread by foaming at the mouth and spreading extremist hysteria which he likely doesn’t even believe himself. Make sure to read MRFF Senior Research Director Chris Rodda’s excellent Huffington Post article rebutting Michael Savage’s idiotic and inaccurate rant. Attacks like these should serve as further confirmation that we are doing our job right.”


Here’s another interesting note from the hate-group AFA. They slighted MRFF in their newsletter recently as well. An excerpt follows below. It is quite a stark exercise in comparison from that cited above. Read and decide for yourself.

Air Force guilty of religious bigotry – bans Scripture in class

“The Air Force has banned a class on the Christian-based ‘Just War Theory’ because the class used verses from the Bible.

‘Just War Theory’ has been a part of Western civilization since the days of St. Augustine in the 5th century A.D. It uses the abiding standards of the word of God to help members of the military determine when the use of lethal force against an enemy of this country is morally legitimate and helps them to know how to use that force in a morally just way.

The class has been taught for more than two decades at Vandenberg Air Force base, and has been an important source of perspective for those who have their fingers on the missile launchers that protect our liberties.

But because of noisy complaints from secular fundamentalists the class has now been shelved, and our military has been robbed of the moral guidance of the Scriptures.

Rather than fight for religious liberty, the Air Force meekly suspended the entire class the day the complaint was filed.

And so the banning of the Bible in the armed services continues. Donated Bibles were burned in Afghanistan because it might offend Muslims in Afghanistan. (Yes, our government apparently considers book burning to be okay as long as the book is the Bible.)

And weapons inscribed with Bible verses likewise have been banned in Afghanistan, again in order not to offend Muslims.

It’s time for this extinguishing of the lamp of God’s word to stop.”

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